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Product Information

Buildings and Detached Houses - TMD Dampers

Buildings and Detached Houses
TMD Dampers
TMD Dampers

TMD dampers reduce vibration by converting the vibration energy of structures into eddy current, which is produced by relative motion between a permanent magnet and a conduction plate, and then dispersed as heat.

Features and structure of TMD dampers

Features of TMD dampers

  • Directly attachable to structures subject to vibration damping without requiring reaction force receivers.
  • The use of non-contact movable parts eliminates the need for maintenance.
  • The magnets used remain almost permanently effective.
  • They remain effective even against irregular vibrations such as earthquakes.

Structure of TMD dampers (image)

Structure of TMD dampers (image)

* We can design TMD dampers in line with various conditions. For more information, please contact our sales liaison team.

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