Corporate Profile

Line of Business

Sanwa Tekki Corporation(STC) was founded more than a century ago as Japan’s first company to manufacture various metal fittings and devices used to support railroad wires (catenary). Since our establishment, we have been a leading company in the railroad wire fitting market supporting the safe operation of railroads across Japan, including local railroad lines and Shinkansen (bullet train) lines. Using our advanced technologies, we also contribute to further increasing the speed of the bullet trains. In the area of electric power distribution, we manufacture various metal fittings for high-voltage power lines and provide products that meet a wide range of needs, ranging from tools for the construction of power lines to large equipment, including cranes. In the area of power generation, we manufacture power plant piping support systems that absorb thermal expansion and contraction caused by high-pressure steam, as well as systems that protect piping from seismic events and vibration. In particular, many of the piping support systems used in nuclear power plants in Japan are manufactured by our company and are well known for their high reliability. In addition, we are now applying our technological expertise, which has been acquired over many years, to new products, such as vibration control systems for office buildings and bridges.Furthermore, with the technology cultivated in Japan, our global market is expanding, such as supplying overhead catenary fittings to Taiwan High Speed Rail (Shinkansen) and urban high speed railways (MRT) in Asian countries, pipe supports & snubbers to thermal power plants, petrochemical plants and hydraulic compressors for power transmission works in the world.