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Oil Dampers

Since 1953, we have developed anti-seismic devices (hardware and software) for pipelines and boilers located, for example, in power plants.
Our anti-seismic devices are widely used in domestic and overseas nuclear power plants, where particularly high safety is required and our acclaimed technologies have been applied in numerous fields. With the increasing need for measures against earthquakes and vibration, we have accumulated vibration damping and avoidance technologies based on new ideas.
In the field of architecture, as high-rise buildings become taller and more lightweight, the demand for vibration control technologies to ensure a safe and comfortable residential environment or the performance of precision equipment has recently been growing.
Exploiting our rich know-how, we have established a lineup of oil dampers applicable to vibration control in numerous fields, including architecture.

Oil dampers are dampers that exploit the resistance of hydraulic fluid passing through a valve in a cylinder to generate the damping resistance force required.
Our oil dampers exhibit damping characteristics proportionate to speed and stand out for their reduced dependence on temperature and iteration. These characteristics allow the oil dampers to deliver superior performance across a broad range of vibrations, ranging from the rolling of buildings and structures caused by wind to earthquakes equivalent to the 1995 Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake.
In addition, our oil dampers are widely used for the new construction and seismic reinforcement of steel frame, steel-framed reinforced concrete, and reinforced concrete structures.


Types of oil dampers

Our lineup includes standard linear and bilinear type oil dampers, as follows:

Model Feature Damper structure Damping force-speed 
Linear type An oil damper that is equipped with a sole pressure regulating valve and delivers damping force as represented by the F = CV straight line.
Bilinear type An oil damper that is equipped with a pressure regulating valve and relief valve and delivers a damping force that increases in proportion to speed until the given speed is reached and at a lower rate after the given speed is exceeded.  

— Horizontal type (250 to 2,000 kN)
— Braced type (250 to 2,000 kN)
— Small capacity type (10 to 200 kN)

Force application test

To verify the vibration damping properties of a building equipped with an oil damper, we conducted a force application test on a frame of actual size in which an oil damper was incorporated as a brace at our former Tadotsu Engineering Test Center.


* In addition to oil dampers for architectural applications, we develop oil dampers for use with bridges, cranes, and equipment that meet various needs and can design oil dampers to meet various conditions. For more information, please contact our sales liaison team.

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