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Mechanical Snubbers

As previously described, snubbers restrain undesirable displacement of piping systems or components due to seismic or other types of dynamic loading, while, allowing free movement during the thermal displacement mode. The STC Mechanical Snubber design provides this essential dual function by means of a rotary inertia mass, which inherently generates a resistance force against a quick input movement, in combination with a ball screw assembly, which translates reciprocal linear motion into rotary motion. STC developed this simple yet sophisticated first of a kind design with patents in many countries including Japan, USA, Canada and U.K.
By utilizing special grease developed in conjunction with a chemist in Japan, STC Mechanical Snubbers have achieved a no leakage, maintenance-free snubber, suitable for higher radiation service than Hydraulic Snubbers.

The design principle of our Mechanical Snubber utilizes an inertia mass which generates a different magnitude of resistance force against the input load in proportion to its acceleration level.
Namely, Mα=F (where: M=Mass, α=acceleration, F=Force generated) Low input acceleration generates a negligible level of resistance force allowing the free movement of piping, while high acceleration results in sufficient resistance force to completely restrain the vibration of piping.

Standard Model & Type

Please see 1 of Standard Design Feature for classification of each Type. 

Applicable Load and Travel Range

Load Range 1kN~1000kN
Maximum Travel Range 100, 160 and 250㎜

For details, please contact our sales or engineering department.

Standard Design Features of STC Mechanical Snubbers are as follows:

  1. Two assembly types are provided as follows:
    • Type A — Standard Type to be assembled with extension pipe
    • Type B — Short Type without extension pipe
  2. Various sizes are provided to allow selection of the most appropriate size having the nearest rated load greater than the design load. The available rated loads are from 1kN to1000kN.
  3. Standard Stroke of 100mm, 160mm and 250mm are available for each size Snubber up to the rated load 1000kN.
  4. Spherical Bearings with specially designed collars are used at both ends of snubber.

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