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Climbing jib cranes (Models KS-20, KS-36, KS-65)

These cranes are used in steel tower assembly works for overhead transmission lines. Their jibs are raised and lowered by using hydraulic pressure, thereby providing smooth motion. 
These cranes are equipped with various safety devices, such as an overload prevention device and overhoist alarm, which enables safe and efficient tower assembly work. 
We have several variations that are fit for various tower heights.



 Hoist capacity with the maximum rated loadHoist capacity with the maximum operating radiusLift above ground levelMinimum opening dimension at the top of a steel tower
KS-202.0t x 10.0m 1.25t x 16.0m 116m 1.3m x 1.2m
KS-362.85t x 12.6m1.5t x 24.0m124m or 174m1.6m x 1.6m 
KS-654.4t x 14.7m2.7t x 24.0m 254m 2.2m x 3.2m 

Low-floor jib cranes (Model KSJ-36)

These cranes are used in steel tower foundation or assembly works for overhead transmission lines. They are also used for the assembly of a climbing crane, the sorting of materials and machinery carried into a construction site, and other similar work. 
They can be used with two boom lengths and are operated wirelessly, so that they provide higher work efficiency and safety.



 Hoist capacity with the maximum rated load Hoist capacity with the maximum operating radiusBoom lengthOperating method
Model KSJ-362.85t x 12.6m1.5t x 24.0m24 m and 18 mWireless remote control operation 
with a pushbutton switch

Hoisting rods (steel pipe booms)


Steel pipe booms

This device is used with a pulley to hoist materials in steel tower assembly work and earthing work as well as in a cableway terminal.
It has a steel pipe lattice structure and therefore is light. In addition, it can be split, so that it can be transported easily. 
Our lineup includes a variety of boom lengths and hosting loads (less than 2 t) to meet customer needs.

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