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Engineering Services

In addition to supplying pipe hangers, supports and snubbers, STC also provides engineering services to design and analyze piping systems and detailed design of pipe hanger, support and snubber assemblies. Since 1960, STC has conducted R & D for software development and now have our own computer programs for analysis of thermal stress and displacement, supporting load as well as static & dynamic seismic effects of piping systems. Presently, STC can provide 3D-CAD design data for efficient and easy checking of the support design by virtually examining the interface of the support assemblies by using commercially available programs.

Stress Analysis for Piping Systems and Structures

Piping Stress Analysis

In accordance with ASME Section III, B31.1, B31.3, etc., stress evaluations under various load conditions (Dead Weight, Thermal, Seismic, etc.) can be performed by STC.


* Owning Programs:AutoPIPE(Bentley), DAPS(Developed by STC)

Structure Analysis

Strength Evaluation of Structural Frames and welds can be performed by STC.


* Owning Programs:STAAD Pro(Bentley), STRUCT(Developed by STC)

3D-CAD Programs and Laser Measuring

STC has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy in the detailed design of pipe hanger, support and snubber assemblies by utilizing 3D-CAD programs in our design process.
STC design programs are compatible with the generally recognized commercial programs. (PDMS, PDS, Plant-Space, AutoPLANT)


* Owning Programs:MicroStation(Bentley), SupportModeler(Bentley), PDMS(AVEVA), AutoCAD(Autodesk)

3D-CAD models converted from the data of Laser Measuring Instruments can be utilized to design details of pipe hanger, supports and snubber assemblies. By using this new technique, STC has significantly reduced the work of checking, drawing and recording various information in plants.

* Owning Programs:Cyclone (Leica Geosystems)

For details, please contact our sales or engineering department.

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