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Rod Restraints

ロッドレストレイント (ROD RESTRAINT)


STC Rod Restraints are designed to control and restrain vibration and dynamic forces due to the undesirable displacement of piping systems or components. Rod restraints cannot be used where thermal movement is expected in the primary direction (tension or compression). 
By using Spherical Bearings with specially designed collars, STC Rod Restraints can freely allow rotating movements.

Standard Types

Type RSA, RSAN and RSAM can adjust the installation length by turning Eye Rod, while type RTS can adjust the installation length by cutting the end of pipe before welding.


Rated Load Range and Applicable Pin-to-Pin Length

Rated Load Range 6kN~250kN
Pin-to-Pin Length 240mm~3800mm

Special design for larger load is available upon request. 
For details, please contact our sales or engineering department.


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