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Compression-type stringing clamp (for use with ACSR conductors)


for use with ACSR conductors

This device is used for the temporary connection of the tips of various electrical conductors during stringing. In addition, it is also used to put temporarily connected multiple conductors through a tensioner.  It has reliable retention force by being compressed. Along with this, the high stringing block passage performance makes the product well-suited for improving safety and reducing labor of stringing work.
Available conductors ACSR, HDCC, OPCW, GSW and AC conductors, and other similar conductors
Basic specifications Tolerable stringing tension: 20% of UTS Minimum tensile load: 60% of UTS
* UTS: Ultimate tensile strength of a conductor under the minimum tensile load

SR ring mounter


SR ring mounter

This machine automatically mounts snow accretion restrainer rings (SR rings), which are intended to prevent damage caused by snow to overhead transmission lines. This machine has reduced size and weight to ease high-place work and alleviate any increase in conductor sag. In addition, its simple structure allows the machine to be easily used and operated. This machine can be operated via wireless remote from a tower or the ground.
Available conductors 38 to 100  mmm2
Gradability 25 degrees
Clearance between rings to be mounted Settable at any value
Power 24 V DC battery
Distance that can be travelled 1,200 m (each time the machine is fully charged)
Number of rings that can be mounted 4,000 (each time the machine is fully charged)
Operation Wireless Wireless output: specified low electric power (*1)
Reach from above the ground: approx. 80 m
Mass Approx. 25 kg
*1: Requires no qualifications or the filing of applications as prescribed in the Radio Act. As of 2011, the newest model of this product is under development. Please contact us for more details.

Cable checking machine capable of passing through a damper (Model NII) (of high vision specifications)

This device records images of the electrical conductor to a memory stick inserted into to a high vision camera in order to check the appearance (maximum recording time: 175 minutes (when recorded in PRO Duo 8GB of the AVC HD 5M (LP) type)).  This device uses a mirror to capture the images on a total of three planes of an electrical conductor (two upper planes and one lower plane) at one time. On the left side of the image, a counter indicator is displayed to show the number of roller revolutions. The count is incremented by “1” when the roller has made five revolutions. The device goes forward and backward and stops through wireless operation. It can pass through a bolt-free damper or a damper with a breakaway bolt made by Viscas Corporation that is intended for use with ACSR stranded conductors of 330 mm2.

Appearance of the main body of this device

Recorded image

Acceptable conductor size (Outer diameter): 9.6 mm (St stranded conductors of 55 mm2) to 25.3 mm (ACSR stranded conductors of up to 330 mm2)
Outline dimensions W 1017mm x D 348mm x H 738mm
Mass 25kg
Power specifications DC 12 V, 22.5 W DC motor with speed reducer
We also offer a cable checker withdrawal device that can be wirelessly operated to withdraw a cable checking machine when the machine stops during a check for any reason.

Braking machine (Model SGB-2468)



This braking machine is used during wiring work to prevent rope sag when withdrawing the final rope used with a suspended stringing block.  
Model Model SGB-2468
Braking force 8 to 24 kg
Outline dimensions W 386mm x D 162mm x H 280mm
Mass 8.5kg
Acceptable conductor size St55mm2 to ACSR810mm2

Suspended stringing block (Model KSA100)



This device is a ring-type suspended stringing block that is ideal for pulling off a pilot rope and electrical conductors during low-tension stringing. It consists of six rollers that are configured in a manner such that they form circular contours. This ensures contact of electrical conductors with the rollers at all times.
Model Model KSA100
Outline dimensions W 189mm x D 65mm x H 210mm
Mass 1.3kg
Acceptable conductor size St55mm2 to ACSR410mm2
Stringing capacity Vertical load: 150 kg Stringing speed: 30 m/min.
Pilot rope φ 14 Kevlar rope

One-touch hooks (used mainly with principle and web members)

For web members

For principal members

This hoisting accessory is used for the assembly of steel tower members. It can be removed by means of remote manipulation of the rope after the temporary tacking of bolts. It has a mechanism that allows its removal only when it is under no loads. This ensures the safety of work.  As its removal does not involve worker’s climbing the tower, the crane’s standby time can be reduced.
Model For principal members For web members
Model P30-F Model P20-F Model T20
Acceptable flange thickness 160 mm or under 74 mm or under – 
Available bolts  M30、M36、M42 M20、M24  –
Acceptable steel pipe diameter  –   – φ 400 mm or under
Outline dimensions 396mm x 168mm x 80mm 330mm x 140mm x 80mm φ175mm x 100mm
Mass 29.6kg 27.5kg 8kg
Hoisting load 4.2 tons 2.8 tons 2 tons (4 tons for hooks intended to hoist 2 members)

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