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Variable Spring Hangers

スプリングハンガ (SPRING HANGER)


Variable Spring Hangers & Supports are used for supporting piping and equipment where vertical movement is required. They are generally used at points where stress due to load variation does not have a harmful effect on the overall piping system. Allowable load variability is generally within 25% of the design load as described in MSS-SP-58. Evaluations are required where the piping has high flexibility, to ensure stress changes due to the load variation does not overstress the piping system.

Standard Model & Type

(1) Suspension Types

(2) Floor Mount Types

Applicable Load and Travel Range

Load Range 0.059kN~248.89kN
Maximum Travel Range 30mm~170mm

Ranges of Load and Travel vary for each Travel Series (VS1, VS2, VSL2, VS4, VSL4) and Sizes (0~23). 
For details, please see our Catalog No.2010 HUGR or contact our sales or engineering department.

Standard Design Features of STC Variable Spring Hangers are as follows:

  1. Following types are provided:
    1. Suspension Model & Type — Model VSA, Type B and C
    2. Floor Mount Model & Type — Model VSB, Type D and F
  2. A helical coil spring is pre-compressed and enclosed in the hanger casing to minimize its installation height and time of erection.
  3. The spring coils are easily visible for inspection through a full length opening on both sides of the casing.
  4. Extra travel is provided for each spring hanger & support at the upper and lower ends of the scale plate to allow for travel beyond the catalog limit.
  5. Each suspension type hanger (Type B and C) is equipped with a Turnbuckle for field adjustment of hanger rod length.
  6. Type F spring support is supplied with a Load Flange for pipe or pipe shoe mounting.
  7. Load-Travel Indicator is integral with Piston Plate.
  8. Applicable Load Ranges from 0.059kN to 248.89kN
  9. Maximum Travel for each Series
    • VSA 1 — 30mm
    • VSA 2 —– 60mm
    • VSA L2 — 85mm
    • VSA 4 — 120mm
    • VSA L4 — 170mm


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